System Proposal Analysis

When you need assistance with evaluating and analyzing proposals for refrigeration systems, equipment, and services, R.A. Corbett Engineering provides detailed proposal review and analysis. The service provides an independent evaluation of each proposal, based solely on specific system requirements and user needs.

All proposals for systems and equipment are rationalized on the basis of capacity requirements, power requirements, overall efficiency, cost, delivery, and suitability of the application.

Equipment and system proposals are also evaluated on the basis of:

  • Offerer's experience with systems and equipment of the type offered
  • Technical support available from the offerer
  • Overall experience record with systems and equipment offered

Service proposals are evaluated for:

  • Personnel training and experience
  • Personnel certification Company experience with service proposed
  • Service experience with the type of system and equipment
  • Personnel availability Technical support availability
  • Overall service record of the company offering its services.

The proposal evaluation is submitted in formal report form, and includes client review and discussion of results.