Surveys, Analysis and Troubleshooting

When your refrigeration system is not performing to expectations, R.A.Corbett Engineering provides detailed system surveys, analyses, and troubleshooting to determine the source of the system deficiencies, to recommend system, component, or operating procedure modifications to correct the deficiencies, and to improve overall system efficiency. A complete survey and analysis of the existing refrigeration system is conducted to determine current performance, current operating characteristics, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and includes:

A meeting with operating staff to:

  • Determine current operating characteristics
  • Locate specific problem areas
  • Obtain historical operating and maintenance information
  • Conduct on-site system survey

A detailed system heat and flow balance to:

  • Establish overall total system capability
  • Ensure proper component sizing and operation
  • Determine optimum operating pressures and temperatures

A thorough report containing:

  • Complete component information
  • Recommendations for system improvement
  • Detailed specifications for carrying out required modifications
  • Cost estimate for required recommendations

A summary meeting with client to:

  • Discuss new operating procedures with operating and maintenance staff
  • Summarize performance deficiencies
  • Explain recommendations
  • Discuss options

All system types, utilizing all refrigerants can be studied, utilizing recognized refrigeration engineering practices, and current refrigerant property data.