System Awareness Seminars

R.A. Corbett Engineering offers a refrigeration system awareness seminar program to refrigeration system users that provides detailed, system-specific knowledge, information, and training on your refrigeration system. The seminar program is conducted on-site, and is based specifically on the refrigeration system currently installed and operating in your facilities.

Complete system information is provided including:

  • Overall system design philosophy
  • Plant load estimates
  • System design capacity
  • Component types and characteristics Control philosophy

An on-site review of your refrigeration system is conducted, and the seminar details prepared. Basic system diagrams are constructed, a list of major components is prepared, and operating procedures are constructed.

In addition to system-specific information, the seminar also covers:

  • Recommended maintenance procedures
  • System-specific operator training
  • Unique characteristics of your system
  • Information for future expansion potential
  • General safety review

R.A. Corbett Engineering, as an adjunct to its seminar program, also offers on-site, system specific operator and maintenance training services. Training focuses on your specific system, and is designed to augment general refrigeration training programs.

Seminars are conducted at your facilities and usually take about one day , in addition to the on-site system review. Additional time is available should your staff require more in-depth discussion of the system. A seminar information manual is provided to each seminar attendee.