R.A. Corbett Engineering

Provides a complete portfolio of professional engineering consulting services for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems used in food processing, hydrocarbon processing, beverage production, ice making, and related applications.

When quality professional refrigeration engineering assistance is needed, R.A. Corbett Engineering will work closely with you and your staff to conduct....

  • Complete Refrigeration System Design services for new plant construction and plant expansions, feasibility studies, and process load analyses.
  • Process Safety and Risk Management Program Development and Maintenance for ammonia refrigeration systems, and services to conduct certified safety and mechanical integrity audits and documentation upgrades for existing PSM and RMP programs and assistance with meeting Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.
  • Surveys, Analyses, and Troubleshooting of existing refrigeration systems to maximize performance, efficiency, and capacity; to provide detailed system information needed for informed expansion decisions; and to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.
  • System Documentation for updating existing refrigeration system information, including detailed refrigeration system process (P&IDs) and flow diagrams; capacity, heat, and mass flow analyses; detailed component data sheets; and specific operating and maintenance instructions
  • System Awareness Seminars to provide system-specific knowledge and information on system design, operating characteristics, capacity, maintenance procedures, and system-specific operator training.
  • Specification Development and Preparation for detailed performance, design, construction, commissioning, and operating specifications for refrigeration systems.
  • System Proposal Analysis and assistance for equipment, system, and service procurement.