Complete Refrigeration System Design

R.A.Corbett Engineering provides complete industrial refrigeration design services for industrial refrigeration systems, utilizing all available refrigerants, compressors, and components. Design services are available for new plant construction, existing plant expansions, and specific system capacity and efficiency improvement.

Application areas encompass:

  • Food processing (cooling, freezing, blast freezing)
  • Cold storage
  • Refining, petrochemical, and chemical process refrigeration
  • Natural gas process refrigeration
  • Beverage cooling
  • Ice making
  • Other industrial process refrigeration requirements

Design services include:

  • Total refrigeration plant design and specification
  • Process load determination
  • Existing plant expansion requirements
  • Feasibility studies
  • Packaged system design and specification
  • System design specification
  • Cost estimates

System types include:

  • Ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon central systems
  • Ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon modular systems
  • Water, brine, and special fluid chillers
  • Screw and reciprocating compressors
  • Water cooled, air cooled, and evaporative condensers
  • Systems for special applications

All system design drawings are done in AutoCad format, and can be submitted on diskette. All specifications are available in electronic format, compatible with client information systems.