R.A. Corbett Engineering

Formosa Plastics Corp., Point Comfort, TX:

Detailed evaluation of refrigeration system for polypropylene process system to determine modifications required to increase system capacity approximately 80% to meet new production requirements. Utilized existing system equipment and new components to meet requirements. Evaluated heat loads and component capacities, provided system design for modified system, including drawings and specifications. System consists of four rotary screw compressors, four process heat exchangers, and vessels. Capacity increased to 1,400 tons at various operating temperatures. Also evaluated propylene refrigeration system for operational deficiencies and recommended modifications to increase capacity by 100%. System consists of two screw compressors rated at approximately 80 tons at -32°F.

Del Monte Fresh Produce Co., Port of Galveston, Galveston, TX:

Detail evaluation and design of rehabilitated cold-storage facility for fresh fruit (bananas, pineapples, and melons) at the Port of Galveston, Texas. The R-22 system, approximately 300 tons, was evaluated for operating and equipment deficiencies. Those deficiencies were corrected and the storage area was redesigned for more efficient operation with respect to product storage and refrigeration system operation. The system consists of rotary screw compressors and evaporative condensers

Odfjell Terminals L.P., Seabrook, TX:

Engineering services for the planned maintenance turnaround of a refrigerated propylene storage facility. The scope of work included an upgrade of the overall facility, preparation of a detailed list of equipment and components in need of replacement or repair, preparation of estimated costs, development of the turnaround schedule, and analyses of the performance of the refrigeration system. Assistance was also provided to ensure the maintenance work and system changes were in accordance with the facility's Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management (RMP) programs. The storage facility consists of two 5,000 metric ton propylene storage spheres, a propylene refrigeration system for direct vapor recovery from the spheres, and an R-22 refrigeration system for cooling inbound propylene liquid from a propylene pipeline. The propylene refrigeration system uses a reciprocating compressor and the system cascades into the R-22 refrigeration system. The R-22 system consists of three economized rotary screw compressors with a total capacity of about 1,100 tons. The spheres operate at -40°F propylene temperature.

Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Corpus Christi, TX

Load analysis and design of a refrigeration system for a 110,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehouse for the storage and distribution of fruit and related products. Responsibilities included a detailed heat-load analysis of the facility and the detailed design of the ammonia refrigeration system for the facility. The refrigeration system capacity is about 375 tons at 28°F for the entire facility. The design work included a complete set of detailed plans and flow diagrams for the refrigeration system. Responsibilities also included advisory services to the architect and electrical engineering firm on the project.

Formosa Plastics Corp., Point Comfort, TX

Survey and analysis of a propylene refrigeration system for process cooling as part of a membrane separation system. The survey was completed to determine the sources of refrigeration system performance deficiencies, offer options to correct the deficiencies, and to provide options to increase system capacity. The propylene refrigeration system provides 72 tons of refrigeration for cooling a process stream at -25°F. The system uses a propylene flooded evaporator for process-stream chilling and a water-cooled condenser. Two rotary screw compressors are installed on the system. Engineering also included modifications to the existing system structure to accommodate a new evaporator and new condenser and to install the additional compressor, and additional piping for the system.

Invista s.a.r.l., Victoria, TX:

Detailed evaluation of ammonia storage refrigeration system to determine sources of performance deficiencies. Determined storage heat load, barge off-loading heat load, and other sources of heat load on the system. System consists of three rotary screw compressors, 25 ton, 100 ton, and 350 ton capacities. Storage tank capacity at 15,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia. Storage temperature -28°F. Provided detailed report of findings.

Formosa Plastics Corp., Point Comfort, TX

Detailed evaluation and analysis of three R-22 refrigeration systems for overhead ethylene dichloride condensing for Chlor-Alkali unit. The evaluation was conducted to find the source of system operating deficiencies and problems that were preventing full performance of the systems and causing excessive maintenance problems. Recommendations were provided to correct the system problems and increase performance. Systems consisted of economized rotary screw compressor condensing units and flooded type evaporators for the overhead condensers. System operating temperature is -25°F.

Pak Quality Foods, San Angelo, TX

Expansion of existing facilities to add new storage freezer and dry-storage area. Approximately 6,500 sq.ft. of space added to existing facility. Work included complete design of facility expansion including floor plans and elevations, foundation, structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans, preparation of bid specifications, and procurement of competitive bids for the construction of the addition. Approximate value of the addition was $500,000. Also included complete design and specification of the refrigeration system, 18 tons for the freezer and 5 tons for the dry-storage area.

Arkema, Inc., Crosby, TX:

Design and cost estimate for 11,000 sq. ft. storage freezer facility for storing chemicals (organic peroxide initiators used in plastic production). Building is approximately 160 ft x 70 ft x 22 ft high, consisting of exterior insulated panels for walls and roof, supported by steel structure, and with insulated concrete floor. The facility includes the storage freezer at -10°F design temperature, and a dock/staging area at 40°F design temperature. Preliminary design included determining refrigeration load and determining approximate capacity of refrigeration system.

Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Corpus Christi, TX:

Complete design and specification for refrigeration system for 120,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehouse to serve the Port of Corpus Christi. Responsible for complete design, drawings and specifications for the system. System uses five rotary screw compressors operating at -20°F low side, and +30°F intermediate temperature. System is two-stage using liquid recirculation to evaporators. Building consists of three freezer rooms, two convertible to cooler operation, and three dock areas for trucks, ships, and rail cars. Warehouse also includes two small blast freezing cells and a repack processing area. Total connected horsepower of the system is approximately 1,200 hp.

Tyson Foods, Inc., Berryville, AR:

Detailed evaluation of the refrigeration system to determine sources of capacity deficiencies and any other refrigeration problems. Evaluation focused primarily on spiral freezer operations to determine the cause of lower production rates that desired. Ran detailed heat balances on the entire plant, resulting in a list of system deficiencies found. Recommendations were made to correct all deficiencies including estimated costs to correct the deficiencies and specifications for the work involved for the corrections. The plant has 23 ammonia screw compressors installed with approximately 9,500 horsepower installed in the plant. System is liquid recirculation at -45°F, -40°F, 20°F, and 30°F.

Best Seapack of Texas, Angleton, TX:

Detailed evaluation of a 90-ton, two-stage refrigeration system for seafood processing. The evaluation was conducted to determine modifications necessary to add lower-temperature blast freezing operations (-35°F), and to increase the operating efficiency of the overall system. The project included redesigning the control system for sequential loading and unloading of the compressors.

Chung’s Gourmet Foods, Inc., Houston, TX:

Designed and specified plant expansion to include egg-roll skin production, approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of expanded process and storage cooler space. Tied into existing ammonia refrigeration system, approximately 300 tons at -35°F. Also provided plans for building remodel and electrical power addition. Complete set of plans to codes and for submittal to City of Houston Code Enforcement group.

Jacintoport International, L.P., Houston, TX:

Developed detailed process management and risk management programs for the cold storage warehouse and coordinated the programs with Jacintoport personnel. Also conducted detailed audits of the system and conducted the process hazards analysis, and the offsite consequence analysis. System has four screw compressors, in an economized system. System has about 32,000 lbs of ammonia inventory.

Bayer Corporation, Baytown, TX:

Detailed load and capacity analysis for chemical process refrigeration system. Evaluated refrigeration system and process system for steady state and intermittent load circumstances, analyzed system components for capacity at design and off-design situations. Also recommended options to increase overall system capacity to match current process loading. The system is an economized, dual screw compressor system, using ammonia refrigerant, design capacity is 550 tons at -14°F evaporating temperature. Results indicated compressors were undersized.

Portion-Trol Foods, Inc., Mansfield, TX:

Complete system evaluation resulting in recommendations to correct system deficiencies and improve operations of large, food plant central refrigeration system. Five rotary screw compressors operating on R-22, three temperature levels; -40°F, -15°F, and +20°F. Ran detailed heat and mass flow analyses of system, conducted thorough troubleshooting evaluation, recommended system modifications to eliminate deficiencies, specified components and system changes, provided detailed cost estimate, and supervised the modification and re-commissioning of the system.

Ecologia y Recursos Asociados, S.A. de C.V., Minatitlan, Ver., Mexico

Complete system evaluation and performance upgrade, low temperature process refrigeration system. System is a low temperature (-20°F) system for refrigerating numerous process streams in a petrochemical plant. System operating on ammonia refrigerant, approximately 500 tons capacity. System includes a 1250 hp rotary screw compressor, and large thermosiphon recirculators. Provided design for modifications, drawings, and written specifications.

Chevron U.S.A. Production, Vernal, UT:

Design and supervise installation and commissioning, propane (R-290) refrigeration system for natural gas liquids recovery. System utilizes process reciprocating compressor, air cooled condenser. System capacity, 50 tons at 0°F. Developed complete system design, specifications, component requirements, and installation, operating, and maintenance requirements, and provided assistance to interface refrigeration system to gas processing operations. Also will review installation and assist with commissioning of the system.

Proficient Food Company, Ft. Worth, TX:

Complete existing system capacity and performance evaluation for expansion recommendations. System utilizes two-stage compression, R-22, liquid overfeed. Three temperature levels, -25°F, -10°F, and 45-50°F. Project involved determination of existing capacity and performance and recommendations for expansion of cold storage operations.

Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc., Pasadena, TX:

On-site, system specific operator and maintenance training, six rotary screw compressor systems, ethylene glycol chilling for process cooling operations. Systems operate on ammonia and R-22 refrigerants, sizes 125 to 500 hp, temperatures at -15°F and 0°F. Evaluated six systems operating in plant, provided operating details of each, and conducted two training sessions, on site, for operating and maintenance staff.

Tom Thumb (Randall's Food Markets), Dallas, TX:

Complete system evaluation and upgrade recommendations, grocery distribution warehouse. System operating on R-22 refrigerant, approximately 400 tons capacity, meat, dairy, and produce storage, and banana ripening rooms. Also installing natural gas engine driven compressors for peak shaving. Conducted a thorough load analysis for the complex, ran detailed heat and mass flow balances, recommended system modifications, specified new components and system piping requirements, and will supervise installation of modifications and re-commissioning of system. System consists of multiple reciprocating compressors and associated components.

Texaco Chemicals, Inc, Port Neches, TX

Complete system evaluation and performance upgrade, low-temperature, economized refrigeration system for propylene oxide vapor recovery from petrochemical processing operations. System operating on R-22 refrigerant, approximately 50 tons capacity. Conducted complete system load analysis, performance evaluation, and recommended modifications to improve overall performance of the system. The system utilizes an

Dow Chemical Co., Plaquemine, LA:

Performed system evaluation and performance check on two centrifugal water chillers used for process cooling in ethylene and propylene glycol production process. Determined deficiency in capacity due to inadequate condenser water flow and due to imbalance in water flow to the two chillers. Recommended changes in equipment and operation to improve performance. Systems were 500 tons each at 37°F.

Freedman Distributors, Inc., Houston, TX:

Performed complete system survey to determine compliance with Houston Uniform Fire and Mechanical Codes, and designed ammonia/water diffusion system for ammonia venting. Also designed fire department system vent control valve station. Approximate capacity of system is 450 tons, reciprocating and screw compressors.

Sysco Food Services of Houston, Inc., Houston, TX:

Provided ammonia inventory certification for two facilities; one cooler facility and one freezer facility. Both systems approximately 1,500 hp connected for two refrigeration systems.